Understanding The Difference Between Medium And Psychic Readings

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When you're considering having a reading carried out, you may think there's not much difference between a medium and a psychic reader, and although the two forms have some similarities, there are key differences that you should be aware of in order to avoid wasting your time and money by seeing the wrong type of reader.

Before covering the differences, it's worth mentioning that there can sometimes be confusion around the role clairvoyance plays in spiritual readings. Clairvoyance refers to the reader seeing, hearing or sensing clearly and relates to how a medium or psychic reader receives the information they will pass on to you. A medium or psychic may use one form of clairvoyant communication, such as seeing messages in the form of images, or they may use a combination of clairvoyant communication forms, such as sensing connections between you and the spirit world and hearing voices from the spirit world that connect to the feelings they are detecting during the reading.

Although mediums and psychics access clairvoyant channels to carry out their readings, the similarities between them don't stretch much farther. Here's an overview of each type of reader to give you an understanding of their differences:

Visiting A Psychic

A psychic reading can cover your past, present and future, and the reader tends to be highly spiritual and intuitive. In addition to tapping into clairvoyant skills, a psychic reader may use a number of other tools to provide you with information and guidance during your reading, such as runes, tarot cards and crystals. They may be able to guide you in healing from past hurts, coming to terms with something you are going through in the present or understanding the direction your life is moving forward in.

Visiting A Medium  

A medium tends to deal only in providing information and conveying messages from the spirit world. They may connect with your deceased loved one or a complete stranger who wants to communicate with you, and neither you nor the reader can control who makes contact or passes on a message. You can take an item with you to your reading, such as a piece of clothing, that belonged to the person you'd like to contact, and this may increase your chances of connecting with that person, but mediums don't tend to use other tools to make contact with the spirit world outside of clairvoyant communication.

If you're thinking of having a spiritual reading, consider carefully what you want to get out of it. Look for an experienced and reputable medium or psychic and discuss your reason for seeking a spiritual reading before formalising your booking. They will be happy to answer any questions you have about the process, and you'll be sure you're booking an appointment with the right person for your needs. Look for people who provide clairvoyant readings near you to learn more. 


17 December 2019

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